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東京藝大「I LOVE YOU」プロジェクト 2021

音楽に託された未来 ─東京音楽学校のアーカイブズ史料より─


昨年開催した、「I LOVE YOU」企画の














Hi, everyone!

We are pleased to announce that this March we will be releasing new content.

Tokyo University of the Arts “I LOVE YOU” Project 2021 –  The Future Entrusted to Music: From the Archives of Tokyo Academy of Music.

On the following page, you can now listen to and view last year’s concert program from the “I LOVE YOU” project, as well as other materials, in both Japanese and English!  (You can also jump to these links from “Content [コンテンツ]” in the menu bar of our website. You will see a heart logo!)

Click the link below for the new content.


*The following three compositions, “Shiki no Taki (Waterfall of the Four Seasons)” by Higashi Kume, “Horohoro (Hollow)”  by Toshio Kashiwagi, and “Jugoya (Fifteen Nights)”, will be available until February 2023.

For those who were unable to attend the original event or for those who would like to enjoy this event again, please check out this new content!


The GEIDAI Archives.